Welcome to the WeIRDO’s documentation!

We [ Install | Integrate | Improve ] RDO: An open initiative to improve RDO with it’s community for it’s community.

Testing OpenStack is hard:

  • There is currently almost 50 official OpenStack projects
  • There is over 1000 source and binary packages built and provided by the official RDO repositories
  • These packages are bundled, integrated or provided by many different installers and vendors
  • There are countless deployment use cases ranging from simple private clouds to large scale complex and highly available public clouds

Providing test coverage to make sure that each and every project and use case works well is a hard problem to solve.

WeIRDO is an idea that is about leveraging the effort the community puts towards their own CI initiative to improve the coverage that upstream RDO provides. This is about testing as many ways of installing, configuring and integrating OpenStack as possible without re-inventing the wheel.

WeIRDO takes the gate jobs outside of the gate to test what RDO ships before it’s packages even make it to the upstream OpenStack CI.

Let’s work together to make RDO better.

Where can I find the WeIRDO CI Jobs ?

All RDO CI jobs are publicly available and the ones from WeIRDO are no exception.

WeIRDO is currently used in two different implementations:

For more details on those implementations, see the jenkins job configuration documentation.