WeIRDO was built from the ground up with the highest standards and best practices in mind just like OpenStack.

To try and keep it that way, commits to WeIRDO are first reviewed through Gerrit and are gated against jobs to ensure the patch does not break anything.

Gate jobs

  • gate-weirdo-ansible-lint checks that playbooks, roles and tasks are clean and “compile”
  • gate-weirdo-docs checks that documentation can be built properly
  • gate-weirdo-integration-* runs the integration tests implemented in WeIRDO whenever relevant (i.e, only run Packstack integration tests when commits involve code that touches Packstack)

Getting started

The process is very similar to what someone would expect when contributing to an OpenStack project except WeIRDO leverages the gerrit instance at

You can submit a patch to WeIRDO by doing something like this:

# git-review is required and can be installed through pip
pip install git-review
git clone
cd weirdo
# < Some hacking occurs >
git commit -a -m "Fixing things"
git review